The peaceful paradise, the "Archangel", is constituted by two autonomous apartments for 2 - 4 persons each and is found in a short distance from the most beautiful and well-preserved village of Mastihohoria, Mesta. The traditional apartments made of stone will capture your heart at first glance and will make you feel at home. Don’t misunderstand, however, the traditional aspect. The "Archangel" does not lack of modern comfort. Inside you will find new technology, which will satisfy even the most demanding guest.

The "Archangel" is constituted of two separate, spacious apartments. Each apartment includes one bedroom, living room, kitchen and bathroom. The traditional stone, from which the apartments are built, ensures coolness in summer and warmth during winter.
Our apartments are recently built, completely furnished and equipped. Analytically, the two apartments contain the following:
• Complete bathroom
• Cooker, sink and refrigerator
• TV and DVD
• Air conditioning
• All necessary kitchen equipment
• Complete furnishing including wardrobe, bedside tables, kitchen table and chairs etc.